Pesticide Science Society of Japan

Special Committee on Bioactivity of Pesticides

Chair: HAMAMURA, Kenshiro

The Bioactivity of Pesticides Committee was founded in 1983 as a small scientific group in the Pesticide Science Society of Japan (PSSJ) to study the role of biological aspects in pesticides development. Since then, the committee has been a very unique group in the PSSJ because its scope of activity has been basically restricted to the biological side only. The committee consists of distinct specialists and the current members include 3 applied entomologists, 2 plant pathologists and 3 weed scientists who have an independent study styles and concepts. The symposium held by the committee every year since its foundation has provided current and interesting topics about the bioactivity of pesticides through many speakers. The committee intends to continue the symposium in the future to provide much qualitative information on the biological aspects of pesticides.