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About the Journal of Pesticide Science

Publication fee will be raised to 100,000 JPY effective after October 1, 2019. (Submitted date).
Members are exempt from the publication fee.

The Journal of Pesticide Science publishes original scientific papers which deal with pesticides in a broad sense. The journal is published quarterly.
The Japanese Journal of Pesticide Science publishes articles written in Japanese. Latest issue can be accessed by only society members.

Aims and Scope:

The Journal of Pesticide Science publishes the results of original research regarding the chemistry and biochemistry of pesticides including bio-based materials. It also covers their metabolism, toxicology, environmental fate and formulation.

Classification of Papers:

Original Articles: Full-length papers with significant conclusions or findings
Notes: Brief papers on experimental results or new experimental methods
Short Communications: Preliminary accounts of new experimental findings of immediate importance
Technical Reports: Compilations of experimental and technical data or statistics
Review Articles: Surveys of recent advances in pesticide science and related fields

Main Topics:

Drug design
Natural products
Synthetic processing, green chemistry
Agricultural formulation and application
Bioactivity, mode of action, resistance
Metabolism, toxicology
Residue analysis, environmental fate, degradation
Biological control

Subscription Information:

Annual subscription rate for members is US$40.00 and should be sent to :

Pesticide Science Society of Japan
2-28-10 Nakazato, Kita-ku, Tokyo 114-0015, Japan

For the subscription by non-members outside Japan, also write to the address above.

The Editorial Board, Journal of Pesticide Science


Journal of Pesticide Science
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