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About the Journal of Pesticide Science

The Journal of Pesticide Science publishes original scientific papers which deal with pesticides in a broad sense. The journal is published quarterly.
The Japanese Journal of Pesticide Science publishes articles written in Japanese. Latest issue can be accessed by only society members.

Aims and Scope:

The Journal of Pesticide Science publishes the results of original research regarding the chemistry and biochemistry of pesticides including bio-based materials. It also covers their metabolism, toxicology, environmental fate and formulation.

Classification of Papers:

Original Articles: Full-length papers with significant conclusions or findings
Notes: Brief papers on experimental results or new experimental methods
Short Communications: Preliminary accounts of new experimental findings of immediate importance
Technical Reports: Compilations of experimental and technical data or statistics
Review Articles: Surveys of recent advances in pesticide science and related fields

Main Topics:

Drug design
Natural products
Synthetic processing, green chemistry
Agricultural formulation and application
Bioactivity, mode of action, resistance
Metabolism, toxicology
Residue analysis, environmental fate, degradation
Biological control

Subscription Information:

Annual subscription rate for members is US$40.00 and should be sent to :

Pesticide Science Society of Japan
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TEL: +81-3-5980-0281 FAX: +81-3-5980-0282

For the subscription by non-members outside Japan, also write to the address above.

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Journal of Pesticide Science
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Yoshiaki NAKAGAWA (Kyoto University)