Pesticide Science Society of Japan

Special Committee on Agricultural Formulation and Application

chair: OHKOUCHI, Takeo

Agricultural formulation and application technologies correlate very closely and play an important role in the development and practical use of pesticides.

The Agricultural Formulation and Application Committee was established in 1981 in order to encourage safe and efficient use of pesticides by contributing to improvement of formulations and application technologies in Japan.

In order to attain this purpose, the Japan Agricultural Formulation and Application Symposium is held every year, and technical information and knowledge are actively exchanged to contribute to technical progress. Especially, formulation chemists and application researchers cooperate intimately and actively discuss the formulation and application technologies.

Agricultural formulation and application technologies are interdisciplinary, and the relevant fields are very wide. Therefore, many new technologies and various relevant technologies from other fields, which can be applied to the agricultural formulation and application technologies, are introduced actively not only from other fields in Japan but also from abroad. For this purpose, speakers for the plenary lectures are invited from other countries, and also participants of the congress are invited to introduce information on related fields every year of the international congress.

Information and application forms for the symposium are distributed to many people in the relevant fields, including members of the Pesticide Science Society in Japan, not only from our country but also from other countries. Therefore many people from various fields attend the symposium, and numerous relevant papers are presented at the oral technical presentation and at poster sessions.

Seminars and tours to the relevant facilities are held periodically, and books in this field are also published occasionally. Three books have already been published; "Pesticide Formulation Technologies and Their Bases" (1988) , "Spray and Adhesion of Pesticide" (1990) and "Pesticide Formulation Guide" (1997) .

At the 20th anniversary of the Japan Agricultural Formulation and Application Symposium in 2001, a special issue, "Advances in Agricultural Formulation and Application Technology" , was published.