Pesticide Science Society of Japan

Special Committee on Pesticide Residue Analysis

Chair: SAKA, Machiko

The Pesticide Residue Analysis Committee, one of the special committee of the Pesticide Science Society of Japan, originated from the establishment of the Pesticide Science Society of Japan in 1975. The committee members are elected by National and Local Agricultural Experimental Station, Institutes of Public Health, Contract Laboratories, Food Manufacturers, Co-operative Agencies etc. We hold a workshop in autumn every year.

Recently, food safety problem is a most significant concern of consumers. In 2000fs, there have happened problems about use of unregistered pesticides and the violation of maximum residue limits of pesticide residue by imported crops in Japan. Consumers are afraid of the pesticide residues contaminate in foods.

The aim of the committee is to develop methods of pesticide residue analysis and monitor of pesticide residues in foods, water and soil with presentation and discussion. The participant of our workshop will obtain new information on convenient analytical technique and ways to solve problems with analytical methods and samples for the enforcement of these skills from members.

Also the workshop has the opportunity to discuss the present situation of pesticide residues and pesticide risk problems with government staff, consumers, laboratory staff and manufacturers. We hope many participants who are interested in pesticide residues will join and discuss these problems.