Pesticide Science Society of Japan

Special Committee on Pesticide Design

Chair: TAKIKAWA, Hirosato

The Pesticide Design Committee was established in 1985 with the aim for scientists who study not only the molecular design but also the route scouting of bioactive compounds, to meet together, present their works and exchange opinions about pesticide design. The meeting is held annually, coupled with themes such as "molecular design and pesticidal activity" , "new target site and lead compounds" , "diversity of molecular recognition and molecular design", "receptor-rational approaches for pesticide design" , "interface between pesticide design and the earth environment", "seeds for pesticide design" , "pesticide design responding to needs" , "perspectives on the research of pesticide design in integrated science" , "re-investigation of pesticide design" , "agrochemicals toward sustainable development" , "innovative designing for healthy crops" , and "origin of pesticide design" founded on the voluntary operation by PSSJ members. The sessions includes suggestive and helpful lectures and poster presentations by domestic as well as overseas scientists in the field of organic or pesticide chemistry.